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10 Steps to Improve your Homes Sale Price.

#1: Clean Up the Exterior of Your Home

The buyer’s first impression of your home is made the moment they pull up to your driveway or street. If the front yard and exterior of the home are a mess, many prospects won’t even take a tour of the interior. They just move on.

Therefore, to get people inside, you need to ensure the outside of your home is on-point. Clean up the yard, power-wash the exterior of your home, clean the windows, trim the hedges, clip away unsightly branches, and just make sure everything looks nice and neat.

#2: Keep Your Decor Simple

Buyers hate clutter. It automatically causes them to feel stressful about the home. They need to be able to imagine their furnishings in the space, so keep your home’s decor to a minimum. A clean and tidy home makes it easier for prospects to envision themselves living in it.

#3: Paint the Walls Neutral Colors

If your daughter’s bedroom still has the black walls from her emo years, or your living room is painted your favorite shade of blue, then you need to get rid of these personal colors. The walls should be painted a neutral color, so the prospective buyer can think of them as blank canvases


If they walk into a bedroom with black walls, the black is all they’ll see, and it could create a negative association with the home overall.

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