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Are you Ready To Start Making Money?

The fastest, safest way to wealth in the United States has always been and remain, Real Estate.

The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Dallas Morning News along with the Los Angeles Times all agree Real Estate prices are on the rise. Prices in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex rose 10-15% last year. The projections for the next five years are 20%-30% increase in value nationwide. While the stock market is on a metoric rise and interest rates are on the rise as well which is good news for savers and investors, nothing is as safe and as predictable as real estate. Ok lets say you have invested in the stock market and you have just made $200,000 thousand dollars, if you remove this profit you have pay taxes on it, and give it to the Government to squander on god only knows. I offer you another solution, borrow $250,000 at the lowest rates in America since WWII. Leverage your portfolio and make that money work completley for you. Be Smart buy a home and become a landlord. Buy a home and have it professionally managed by The Oak and Ivy Group. Earn the mortgage payment plus 20% every month. Buy the rental property in the right location, for example within one mile of TCU or SMU and let the future leaders of country pay you while they learn. In ten years sell the house and realize a profit of 30% x 10 years on your original investment. Nothing is safer, nothing offers a similar return. Nothing is guranteed in business except in real estate. Real Estate always goes up,even when its going down,it really is only rising more slowly. Contact me today to learn more.

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