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In the Market, Only using Realtor.com?? Why do you need an agent?

Hi everyone, is everyone ready to move into buying season? I hope if you are reading this you are in the market and searching for a home. In another blog we can disccuss the 5 mistakes and the $$$ thaousands of dollars new buyers leave on the table or simply loose during a home purchase. today however I want to adress the subject of working with out an experienced Real Estate agent. If you really want to buy a home, and you are ready willing an able pre-qualified able to borrow buyer you are also at least three things, You are Employed and hard at work 40 to 60 hours a week. 2 You have obligations during that precious free time.3 you have only a vague idea of what exactly you want vs what exactly you need.

Likely you are also a couple or a couple with children and you are searching specifically inside one specific school district. Lastly you are only using realtor.com you want to see all these houses for sale but every time you try to drive to an open house and see one the hosue is already sold?

The reason this happenes is Realtor.com Zillow.com and every other website is updated monthly and not in real time. A realtor an actual Human Being, A bussiness professional a sales professional is updating 24 hours a day, in a real time. An agent specializes in the sales business of residential and commercial property.

I am agent and a sales professional, I know my neighborhood, I know my subdivision, I know my city and my neighboring cities. I am updated continuousley because I am out in my community. Bottom line if you use an Agent tyou will save thousands odollars. Please cinsider it And remeber call me with any questions.

James Tucker Exiit Realtty


I know what is moving

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