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You Buy It, You Own It, You Lease it, You Make a Fortune

The Oak and Ivy Group and James and Amy Tucker are able to provide through our Website TheOakandIvyGroupRealEState.com Listings intended for real estate Investors. Our goal in providing these listings to investors and cultivating relationships with first time investors and investors who invest in Real Estate on a small scale. The Oak and Ivy Group TheOakandIvyGroupRealEState.com About These Listings and Why They're Unique This site can and will provide you with a personalized list of "big equity" properties that will make you into a savvy investor. We will provide you the small-scale investor with all the properties the big money investors DO NOT want you to know about. The big money investors from New York City and California do not want the competition that is the small-scale investor such as you. The Big Money Investors and Property Management companies don't want the competition. It's a Personalized list of properties that will enable you to reap huge profits, just like they are, from today's DFW that is on the move. This isn't your traditional list of over-shopped and over-priced MLS listings, foreclosures, HUD homes, and REO properties. The Oak and Ivy Group is a property management company and a company owned by James and Amy Tucker a married couple and your friends and Keller, neighbors. The Oak and Ivy group will provide you a list of properties and property types that are discounted by 10% to 15% and even 50%. Realtors call that a deal, and so do we. The properties available to James and Amy and The Oak and Ivy Group are under-shopped and, as a result, under-priced. They are "under the radar" so to speak simply because they are not turnkey properties or “Move in Ready” properties these homes need TLC and are perfect for investors, do it yourselfers or contractors who want to build wealth through real estate. A majority of them are not listed anywhere else and are un wanted by other buyers and real estate agents and real estate investors, however they are perfect for the small scale investor who wants a beginning and wants to be a landlord and wants to build wealth through real estate and retire with a positive cash flow which is safe and recession proof. Most investors are unaware of these properties or this personalized insider's list which The oak and ivy group is able to provide simply because they do not want to be aware. What does this mean for the Oak and Ivy Group and for you, our new client, well the fact that large-scale big money investors don’t want these properties that's a good thing it means less competition which means bigger often absurd discounts that translate into huge profits for you the landlord when you go to sell your investment property. You see as a buyer of properties like these you have all the power, your first step is qualifying for a mortgage product which is much easier you than you think and in most cases can require as little as 0%-5% down with some federally backed products. In some cases you are even able to qualify for a mortgage product based entirely on monthly income even if it fluctuates regardless of your credit score!!! Lets put it this way if you are paying rent of $950-$1500 and you are paying a car note of $350-$550 you can afford a mortgage product and you can afford to purchase a home which you can then either flip, or lease out, instead of you paying the landlord you become the landlord and you receive that $1,000 a month from your tenant for as long as you own the property. “Owning a Rental Property is a hassle” maybe but you always have the ability to hire The Oak and Ivy Group to professionally manage the property for you for a negotiable fee. Most importantly, the properties on this personalized list have big equity and bigger profit potential. Dozens of them are marked down by 30% to 40% to even in some rare do not pass up cases 75%. And dozens more have at least $20,000 in equity if you simply paint the walls steam clean the carpets and put it back on the market, in other words flip it. We James and Amy and The oak and Ivy Group can provide you with three specialized types of properties, which I will get into, or we can provide you with completely personalized properties based on your instructions to us. One Phone Call, one meeting and we do everything else completely cost free to you the buyer. Type #1: Wholesale Deals These properties are for sale by other real estate investors. To clarify, the word "wholesale" doesn't mean "bulk." You buy each property individually. You just get a "wholesale" price. The investors who sell these properties want to pocket some quick and easy cash by selling you a fixer upper "as is." You make bigger cash by buying, fixing, and reselling. Or you can buy, fix, and rent. It's up to you. If the deal is right, you should come out on top either way. We compile this list by calling and emailing just about every real estate investor in town, asking them what they have for sale ... at a big discount, of course. We won’t steer you wrong We will guide you to the right decision for you as we move forward and remember as the buyer we represent you, even though we are paid by the seller and at no time is there a cost to you. Type #2: Motivated Seller Leads These properties are for sale by regular homeowners who are in a situation, which requires them to sell right now, not when the highest most profitable offer comes. You have more options when you buy a property from a motivated seller you can work a short sale or you are able to take over their payments at which point you the owner are able to wholesale the property or rehab the property or lease the property. You a client of the Oak and Ivy Group are able to buy or sell or use owner financing, or whatever else you can dream up. Most of the owners in a motivated seller situation are desperate to sell... and desperate to sell at a price that's way below market for reasons beyond their control. You win by setting yourself up for a big payday. The sellers win by getting rid of a property that's been a thorn in their side. With The Oak and Ivy Group and James and Amy Tucker, it's all about win/win, not taking advantage of others. We get these leads or essentially become aware of properties like us because we are Professional Agents and our business is everything Real Estate We advertise in online ads in Online Real Estate Forums, I write articles and Blogs like this one that discuss real estate investing, real estate issues such as short sales or selling because of a life change such as divorce or death of a spouse. A divorce or a death is tragic of course, and we are not profiting from it or suggesting you are profiting from it. Look at this way, an elderly couple has lived in a small home in North Richland Hills, for 30 years, the husband after a long and fruitful life passes away naturally, now what is his widow to do? The home is to much for her to handle on her own and she wants to live in an apartment not far from her grandchildren not to far away, her best option is to sell the home, at a discounted price not because any one wants to rob her of profit but she neither has the time or energy to repaint, put in new countertops or carpet. The widow sells the home for 30% below the market value basically the cost of paint new countertops and new carpet to you, you purchase this motivated sellers home and put in that work and then you lease this home to a teacher in the NRH school district who stays in it for 20 years. You have tripled your money in equity as well as taken out $1,000 to $3,000 in cash every month. And in those 20 years, you the owner have earned equity and profit and a safe place for your investment while lowering your tax burden and creating a safe recession proof income as well as solid asset. The Oak and Ivy Group and James and Amy believe in you know you can start as a small-scale investor and become a mogul if you want to with our help. Type #3: Investor-Ready Foreclosures Investor-ready foreclosures are not your typical foreclosures. The competitiveness at foreclosure auctions makes typical foreclosures too expensive to buy the properties at a significant discount. The investor-ready foreclosures on our radar come to us through our real estate connections and people we know in the community. These sellers know us and know we have access to you the small-scale investor. The properties we are able to provide you with are properties that weren’t purchased at foreclosure auction, and are now bank-owned, similar to REOs. The Oak and Ivy Group, James and Amy Tucker helps you avoid the auctions and the Big Money competition by compiling a personalized list based on everything you provide to us of all these properties and filtering out the ones that do not have room for profit and simply aren’t what you want to own so you only see the good deals that are right for you and priced for you. The homes for sale are priced at significantly discounted prices, which are what makes them investor-ready and investor ready for you the small-scale investor. In the last two months, over 563 DFW-area investor ready deals have been posted for sale and have come across our radar. Combined, these properties have had over $38,217,903 in equity. Say goodbye to always worrying about your money, say goodbye to worrying about the overall economy, say goodbye overpriced so called investment deals from other real estate agents and the paper or websites you don’t really know anything about. Say Hello to James and Amy Tucker of The Oak and Ivy Group and Say hello to a monthly secure income. We can find you everything you need from MLS listings and traditional bank foreclosures to investor ready and motivated seller properties. We can introduce you the loan product you need and the financial advisor who can offer you the right financial product. Say hello to big-equity wholesale deals, motivated seller properties, and investor-ready foreclosures! Say Hello to The Oak and Ivy Group and James and Amy Tucker.

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